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Free Motion Midweek- More from Blue River

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Let’s look at a few more designs from the open spaces on my Blue River quilt:

image (pattern available in Monochromatic Quilts:Amazing Variety)

I used center-fill designs inspired by Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting Project.  In each of these designs, you start in the center of your space and work outwards.

image Here I used lines of pebbles with curvy echoes in between.


image This was a simple spiral hook design.

image There are several ways to grow the central design to fill the space.

1) Build off the top of previous spirals, keeping the hooks a consistent size.

2) Put larger hooks in between the first round. Hooks can have a longer stem as well as a wider curve at the top.

3) Travel along the stems to make a vine with several hooks.

Finally, I usedwhirlpools, which Leah describes here.


You can see more of my quilting from the Blue River quilt in previous posts here and here.

I hope this series of free motion quilting designs gives you some ideas about how to fill the spaces in your own quilts.  Remember to Enjoy, Experiment and Excel as you create!



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