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Free Motion Monday – Filler Designs for a Jewel Box Quilt

I have a customer quilt loaded on my longarm.  It is a Jewel Box pattern done in beautiful batiks.


I chose a design for each space in the quilt…the central squares, the colorful chain and the background area.  The chains are filled with the coffee bean design while I stitched a single curved feather in the central square.  The background is filled with parallel wavy lines.


I stitch in the ditch around all the colored squares which gives me places to travel from section to section, and I can stitch across the whole quilt without breaking my thread.  I consider this “light custom” quilting since I am not changing thread color or using a huge variety of block designs.

This quilt pattern two borders, so I am using a feather in the background section and a mix of orange peels and stars in the single squares.image

The four patch repeats the coffee bean and some squiggles.

I am using a sandy colored thread, King Tut Sahara Desert, from Superior Threads.



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