Quilting Tips

Free Motion Monday #3 – True Blue Banner

I am still following the free motion quilting plan for the QOV quilt on my longarm.


I started the blue section with simple parallel lines in the border.  I hope to move on to binding today.

In the meantime, let’s look at my store banner again.image

I used lots of different free motion quilting designs to give people ideas about the variety of quilting designs to choose from.

I love stars and pinwheels so I featured those blocks in the corners with quilting designs stitched in matching thread.  For the top left pinwheel, I stitched arcs in the white background and a simple wavy meander in the blue section.

Next is the Friendship Star. I stitched a spiral in the center and extended the arms/flames into points.  A meandering design I call “long worms” fills the white background.

Bottom right is the Ohio Star where I echo-stitched the star points and added spirals in the corners.


Finally, I made a pinwheel variation with leaf shapes and lightning bolts  in the white background and more leafs in the points.

I hope that gives you some inspiration! What are your go-to quilting designs for stars and pinwheels?  Let’s Enjoy, Experiment and Excel as we quilt!


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